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Herzegovina Product


Winery Herzegovina product Ltd. was created as a natural result of several centuries’ long tradition of the Barbaric family in the cultivation of grapes, production of wine and brandies.

Although the name Herzegovina Product is relatively new in the world of wine, behind it is a long family tradition and a team of professionals who are in charge that the quality of our products will be at a high level, and this is confirmed by numerous international awards and prizes. In production our winery is using the latest technological solutions and environmentally clean methods that are a guarantee of high quality products. The product range of Hercegovina product is a broad and consists of wine, brandy and liqueurs.

Our wine list consists of premium wines (Zlatna Dolina Žilavka, Zlatna Dolina Blatina, premium wine Vranac, Charisma Žilavka and Charisma Blatina), quality wines (Kum Žilavka, Kum Blatina, Vranac quality vine, L’Amour and Čitlučki samotok crni), and table wines (Bećar crni, Bećar bijeli and Bećar Ružica).

The main aim of Herzegovina product winery is a promotion of autochthonous varieties Blatina and Žilavka as the brands that will be recognizable both in the domestic and foreign markets.